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Hi, I’m KC aka Dr. Destrukto … welcome to destrukto.ca … I started this site to have one place where I can view all of my blog entries. It’s sort of a comprehensive listing of all my published blog posts.  I hope you enjoy the read!

Basically, the site is an aggregate of all my various blog posts across multiple websites including my my youtube channel. This site will be automatically updated each time I post to one of my other sites. In one place, I can all keep track of all the stuff I write about on the Internet.

Lately, I have been doing online courses through coursera. Weekly blog posts were one of the assignment options for Introduction to Music Production (Berklee). This renewed my interest in blogging and, following my studies in the course, I ended up developing the Pro Recording blog. Adding another blog to my repertoire made me conclude that I needed to simplify my various websites into one aggregated feed. Hopefully this site helps my blogging and also brings some new readers to my blogs. Some of the blogs I write for include one on the Canadian Music Scene and another great one on How to Play Guitar.

Some other courses I have taken include Digital Sound Design (Emory University), Songwriting (Berklee), and a ton of boring computer science courses that you don’t need to know about. I also went to local college. I took Business there.  I also later took the Computer Technician course there …  boring :) … I’d rather write about music, guitar, songwriting, the music scene. I doubt I will ever start a blog about computers. I deal with them too much in real life. Speaking of real life. I also have a job. I work as IT Manager and Assistant Project Manager at a local construction and engineering company.

So there you go … an about page. I hope you’re happy now, Internet.

Thanks for reading.

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