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Top 10 Pro Recording Resources

This article details the Top 10 Pro Recording Resources on the Internet. 1. 5 Pro Recording Tips by Angus Woodhead This informative article gives some very helpful information on what to do before you press record. 2. The Pro Audio Files is a great pro recording website with a large variety of very educational … Continue reading »

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Top 10 Free VST Plugins

Today’s article on the Pro Recording blog is a review of the top 10 free vst plugins.  Okay, technically “our favourite” VSTplugins because there are an astounding amount of great top quality VST plugins out there that are useful for all aspects of pro recording. MPhaser MPhaser A high quality, very useful free phaser VST … Continue reading »

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The Concept of Dynamic Processors

Good day. KC here once again. Today on my Pro Recording blog, I am going to describe the concept behind dynamic processors and describe threshold, ratio, attack and release. The following screenshot shows what GComp looks like, which is a freeware VST compressor and limiter by Graham Yeadon. Concept Dynamic processors in general change the … Continue reading »

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The Channel Strip

Today’s tutorial here on Pro Recording is about the Channel Strip as studied in Berklee College’s Introduction to Music Production online course. The channel strip is found on both analog mixing consoles as well as within digital audio workstations (DAW’s). I have based this lesson on an analog mixer because the basic principles are applied … Continue reading »

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How to Prepare a Project in Reaper

Hello!  KC here again.  I’d like to talk about how to prepare a project in Reaper. The screenshots don’t truly follow the flow of the text because some settings are in the same screenshot. After you read the tutorial, take a look at Reaper’s various settings to get an idea of where everything is. Check … Continue reading »

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How To Record a Guitar and Amp

Hi there.  KC here. Today, I’d like to talk about How to Record a Guitar and Amp. Set up guitar and amp and turn it on The guitar amp accepts the guitar’s instrument level which is connected using a 1/4″ TS instrument cable. The first thing I will do is plug an instrument cable into … Continue reading »

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Light Company to release debut EP April 16th

Light Company are a young and explosive post-rock band hailing from Peterborough, Ontario. The band’s live shows are relentlessly energetic and dynamic, shifting from moments of ambience to complete, yet, organized chaos. Light Company are dedicated to making post-rock accessible to a larger audience. With influences such as Explosions In The Sky, We Were Promised [...]
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Signal Flow

Typical signal flow of a small home recording setup (just a microphone going into a soundcard, basically).

Sound source
Low level mic cord (XLR)
Audio interface (soundcard, usually USB or Firewire)

In the audio interface, there is usually …
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Wampler Sovereign Distortion Pedal!

NEW! Wampler Sovereign Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal For those who refuse to settle when it comes to tone. I just had a chance to try out the new Wampler distortion pedal … the Sovereign. Amazing tone. I was super impressed. I have always enjoyed the Wampler distortion pedals and this new one really has a [...]

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Horror Rockers want you to produce next EP!

Standby Records is bringing Canada’s #1 Horror Rock band – Patron Saint Of Plagues – to their recording studio and the band wants you to be part of the production team! They’ve set up a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo and need your support. They are accepting contributions towards their production budget and will be [...]
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