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How To Fret Notes

For this introductory lesson on How To Guitar, I will be showing you how to fret notes. Fretting the guitar involves using your left hand (if you are a traditional right-handed player) to press down on the strings onto the fretboard making the string come into contact with the fret. This creates a musical note [...]

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How to Hold the Guitar

For this lesson on How To Guitar, I am how to explain how to hold the guitar.  I am not going to get into a lengthy text lesson here, it will be mainly pictures.  At home, practice holding your guitar as depicted in the graphics.  Get yourself comfortable.  The body should be relaxed when holding [...]

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Parts of the Guitar

This lesson will let you become familiar with the parts of the guitar.  This first diagram shows all of the parts on an acoustic guitar.  Check it out. Parts of the Acoustic Guitar Starting at the bottom of the guitar (left on the diagram), the most important parts to recognize and become familiar with are [...]

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DigiTech DHH Hot Head Analog

The DigiTech DHH Hot Head Analog distortion pedal is a decent pedal that produces very customizable tones. This pedal is supposed to give the sound of a high gain amp and is meant for modern rock. Picture of the DigiTech DHH Hot Head Analog Distortion …
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Basic Rock Rhythm

This is a basic rock rhythm.  Even if you don’t play any notes or chords on the guitar, see if you can count out this exercise based on what you learned in the previous lessons on How To Guitar. Downstrokes You can play this rhythm using all downstrokes on the guitar.  This is accomplished by [...]

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Fist Fight with Gandhi

Thunder Bay punk band Fist Fight with Gandhi just made some new recordings. We’d appreciate a listen so here’s our latest music video: and this is our facebook page with more music posted on it : http://www.facebook.com/OfficialNoisePollution/app_2405167945 —Destrukto is a musician, songwriter, and producer from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada with college diplomas in both business [...]
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Frequently Asked Questions

The first question would probably be “What are distortion pedals?” A distortion pedal is a little box that creates the type of distorted guitar sounds that you hear in rock music. You plug the guitar into one side of it, and the amp into the other.  It’s powered by either a battery or an AC [...]

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Counting and Timing

For this lesson in our How To Guitar series, we are going to be learning counting and timing.  Counting and timing is essential in order to play with other people and could possibly be most important guitar lesson besides learning how to tune the guitar! Join a Band! In order to play the guitar properly, [...]

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How to Read Guitar Tablature

Thanks for continuing along in our How To: Guitar series. For this lesson, we are going to learn how to read guitar tablature. Guitar tablature (or guitar tab as it is commonly known) is simply a really easy way to write down guitar music.  Writing guitar music in tab makes it easier for other guitarists [...]

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The Musical Staff

The musical staff is a visual notation tool that allows music to be written onto paper.  Or the computer screen, in our case! We will be concentrating on the treble clef staff in this lesson which is the one that guitar music is written on. The treble staff has 5 horizontal lines with four spaces [...]

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